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The NSCC Foundation offers a Childcare Assistance Program to help subsidize the cost of childcare for student-parents attending Nashville State during the fall and spring semesters.  Childcare assistance can be used to subsidize the cost of daycare and before-/after-school care. Assistance is provided on a first-come, first-served basis and funds are paid directly to state-licensed childcare providers.  
Nashville State Community College Foundation provides a 1-time payment for childcare during any given semester. Students must apply each semester for childcare assistance. NSCC Foundation Childcare Assistance does not provide monthly childcare payments. Due to funding restrictions, there are limits to the support we can provide each semester.


  • Students must be the legal parent or guardian of the child(ren) for whom assistance is requested. 

  • Students must be enrolled at least part-time (6 credit hours) in a degree or certificate program at Nashville State. 

  • Students’ child(ren) must be 12 years old or younger. 

  • If requesting childcare assistance for child(ren) age 5 or younger, students must also apply for childcare payment assistance from the Tennessee Department of Human Services and provide documentation regarding the status of the application.

  • Students’ child(ren) must be enrolled with a childcare provider that is a licensed by the Tennessee Department of Human Services.

  • Students are responsible for securing placement for their child(ren) with the licensed childcare provider.

  • Students must provide documentation from the provider that 1) verifies child(ren)’s enrollment, and 2) states the daily, weekly, or monthly rate charged for care.

  • Previously awarded students who maintain eligibility will be required to complete a new application each semester but will be given priority. 

Maximum Assistance per Semester


1 child - $1,000

2 Children - $1,500

3+ Children - $2,000


To apply for childcare assistance, fill out the application below.

Items of Note

  • Childcare Assistance is not available during the summer semester. 

  • The program does not cover childcare registration or enrollment fees, health assessment or immunization fees, or other childcare costs not associated with daily/weekly/monthly charges for enrollment. 

  • If students drop below the 6-credit hour minimum or withdraw from classes entirely, they will be removed from the program.  

  • Students must apply each semester they are enrolled at Nashville State. 

  • Students can receive childcare assistance for a maximum of five semesters. Students who qualify and apply for childcare assistance but are not approved due to limits on available funding will be placed on a waiting list in the order in which applications are received.

  • Childcare Assistance is not guaranteed.


If you have questions about the Childcare Assistance program, email 

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